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Find Cheap Gas Nearby: Where To Find The Lowest Prices In Every State

July 4, 2019 by

Want to know where to fill up your tank for less?

Gas prices are rising through the roof, and they’re only getting higher. Fortunately, it’s still possible to find cheap gas.

GasBuddy recently released where you can find get the cheapest gallons of gas in every state in the US.

Where can you find the cheapest gas?

Answer: Warehouse stores like Costco, Sam’s Club, and BJ’s offer the lowest prices on gasoline. However, you need to be a member.

The overall winner is Costco. In twelve states, especially on the West Coast, the winner is Costco, where you could find prices as low as 19 cents less than the competitors!

However, you must be a Costco member or use a Costco Cash Card to pump gas there.

If you’re not a member and don’t plan to be, there’s a trick for that. You can go to Ebay or a gift card website and get your cash cards there. It’s a little more work, but could be worth the time and effort to save big bucks.

Costco isn’t the cheapest source of gasoline in EVERY state.

In seven states, Sam’s Club is the cheapest. And BJ’s is the cheapest in six. Like Costco, you will need to be a member at their store to take advantage of the deals.

At Sam’s Club, you can still pump gas without a membership. However you won’t be able to get the discounted price.

At BJ’s, you need a membership.

If you don’t have any memberships to any of these large warehouse stores, your best bet is to look for an Arco gas station.

It doesn’t have any requirements, and it can be up to 17 cents lower than the competitors.

Arco is also the winner in size, with over 1000 locations. So if you’re after convenience, it may be the easiest low cost gas station to find near you, wherever you are.

Here’s the full map where you can find the cheapest gas nearby in your state.

cheapest gas prices by state

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